Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Twisted Makeover!

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So I was coming home the other day when I saw this really cool old tool box sitting by the curb...YES...I ADMIT IT...I TOOK IT FROM THE GARBAGE!  Actually I rescued it from the garbage!  When I saw it...I didn't really see a tool box...I saw a jewelry box...in the making..."Tiffany's" Style with a rustic TWIST!

OH...I must first thank AMY from Love.Bug. for my Awesome NEW LOGO!  Does she know me or what? lol!  LOVE YA GIRL! MUAH!

So...this is how I found it...great bones...sad disposition... :o(  But REALLY cool and it was made REALLY well!

So I took it down to the bare essentials...lol...got rid of the tiny drawer knobs...they were cute..but were really greasy and I couldn't get them clean.  Then it was time to scrub it down...let it dry then fill in the holes and sand.

Painting was interesting...lol!  That is the first coat...

All coats on...it was 6 to be exact.  BUT...It only took one large bottle of acrylic craft paint in "morning blue".  Then I painted the inside sides white. (no need to paint the bottom...gonna felt it)

Then I measured and cut out white felt to line the bottom of each drawer....used a paper template....

Next I drilled the holes for the new drawer pulls, sanded it to look shabby...added a bit of restoration oil to it...to give it a nice sheen (which will protect it since I used craft paint), removed the rust from the handle attachments, oiled the handle, attached the felt to the drawers, installed the new hardware...and voila...new jewelry box!  Hubby couldn't believe this was the same piece of garbage!  I still say it's not garbage...it's a hidden treasure! 

Here is the before and after.....


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  1. Wow awesome transformation love love love it great job


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