Monday, November 12, 2012

Amazing Technology & Ideas!

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Had an amazing Sunday!  Went with the family to a new Church!  They are just starting up and are small, still meeting in their home...but I have to tell was wonderful!  I felt at ease just as soon as I walked in!  Everyone greeted and welcomed us like family!  I think it's a pretty amazing become part of a Church that is just in it's infancy!  I so want a Church  FAMILY, it's more important to me than I realized.  So please keep us in your prayers as we decide what to do about a new Church home.

Monday Monday...I've been digging thru some pretty cool technology and ideas is another one of my obsessions. Gosh...that makes....A LOT of obsessions! LOL! Don't forget to come back tomorrow, Resolutions in Motion week 1 is over! Wuhooo! So anywhoooo...check it:

An attachment that goes on your iPhone with different lenses!  I so want an iPhone...sigh!

Source: via Migz on Pinterest

THIS bike is made from CARDBOARD!!!  OMGosh!

Someone tell me WHY I DID NOT think of this???

Source: via Gwendolina on Pinterest

Icelandic pylons....conceptual art., I must say...seriously?  In one year you'll have a scarf? would DRIVE ME NUTS!

SEE WHY....I need an iPhone or iPad with a camera...I want instagram SO BAD!
Source: via Alison on Pinterest

More of those ideas you wish you'd have thought of!  I don't know about using the exhaust to fill something up as a jack....but I know I need that "Finder" thingie!

This converts waste paper in to PENCILS!
Source: via Lori on Pinterest

I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler...what in the world make them think I can do it with a roller?

Uh...yes please!  Until the neighbor kids find it!?!

This is kinda cool....

These would be awesome at any time of year!

I NEED THIS...portion control...that is my biggest problem!

Oh...I want this!  Too cool!

Hmm...mine already does that because I put it in the microwave? LOL!

Source: via Miranda on Pinterest

Ummm...yep...I'd have a blast with this!

Brilliant...yet again...
Source: via Miranda on Pinterest

Have a great Monday!  See ya tomorrow!


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