Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashionista Friday - 1/25/13

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Happy Friday Yáll! I can't believe it's FRIDAY! This week FLEW by on me! I've had a head cold and have been sleeping on the couch so my sweet husband can get some sleep and relief from me sniffing and sneezing and all that goes with it! But hey...I'll live...I just miss him!'s that time again! Fashionisa Friday! I'm coming to you with a downplayed wardrobe this week. I've gained some weight and am not feeling as "fashionable" as I normally do...that HOLIDAY kills my wardrobe! Living in sleep/comfy pants just isn't fashion! HA! So...on to the show!

Love this...all I need is the skirt and clutch...I have a ring that would do.

Love the lacy top, and the blues! Funny...I don't think I even own anything blue!

What I SHOULD BE WEARING EVERY DAY...TO WORK OUT! But I AM starting physical therapy next maybe it's in my near future!

Comfy & Cozy!

So totally my go-to every day style!
Source: via Taylor on Pinterest

Oh I LOVE....


Once again...totally ME!

Love me a bell bottom jean! lovely!

Gonna wear this when I get skinny again!

So...there ya have it! This weeks FASHIONISTA FRIDAY! Don't forget..Sunday I'll have my blog of the week raffle again! Pass it on!


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