Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Week One of Resolutions In Motion is officially over! How did you do? Link up below and let us know!

I began my Shakeology again!  I'm going to lose this weight!  I have lost 1 pound...yay...lol!  Hey...it's a start!  And I am holding a raffle so I can get some ideas on my new Blog...it's about Mental Illness.  The story below is about my son.  His illness has progressed as most of my readers know...but the story...I hope it inspires you to take charge, back your children, believe in them above all...and if you're lucky...you'll find out how the school REALLY feels about you! LOL!


 Have you ever been told that you couldn't do something? That you weren't good enough, strong enough, or capable enough? Well, did you prove them wrong?! Today we have Tif from Ramblings of a Southern Belle, and she's going to tell you about how she inspired her son to overcome several difficulties and succeed in high school.

The Dragon Lady!

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD when he was in 5th grade. He struggled so hard throughout the years with bullies, being punched, kicked, thrown down the stairs...hard classes, being mainstreamed into a class where NO ONE knew how to handle a child with his disability...the list goes on.

Day in and day out...week after week...I was in the office BEGGING the principal to do something about the bullying...which he never did. I was forever in meetings with Teachers trying desperately to get them to listen to how to "deal" with my son in class...this was to no avail...they never listened. Over the years I was given a nickname in the office...I was unaware of this until one day...when my son had been beaten up again...I called the school to speak to the Principal. Unbeknownst to the receptionist...the phone didn't put me on hold...and I heard "The Dragon Lady is on line 1 AGAIN"...so when the Principal got on the phone I said..."HI...this is the Dragon Lady, my son was beat up yet again today" I went on to tell him that one day...if someone didn't do something...my son was going to snap! And...he did! He FINALLY defended himself and we ended up in court for fighting in school. Luckily the Judge listened to our side, saw the papers on how many times I complained and went easy on him. That was not the end of that though.

A few weeks later I was sitting in the school waiting for an ARD meeting to begin, when THAT PRINCIPAL walked in. Now mind you...I try to stay calm when confronted with certain situations...but...BUT...this guy had pushed me to far! This is how the conversation went: Him: "Mrs. Kennedy" ME: "I do not want you in here!" HIM: "I have to be her...a principal has to be in attendance" ME: "SO...find someone else!" HIM: "Mrs. Kennedy, you are taking this to far!" ME: "Ummm...have you EVER heard of a school called Columbine?" HIM: "NOW I TELL YOU YOU ARE TAKING IT TOO FAR!" ME: "Really...let me tell you something. My son has a support system at home...thank God...but how many other kids are bullied and don't...and you do NOTHING...when it happens here...I will hold YOU personally responsible!" He left the room in a huff...guess I earned that title...but MY KID is worth it.

SO...after years of struggle we decided to hold my son back in the 8th grade and let the bullies move on to High School and get interested in cars and girls. And that...WORKED! The bullying stopped...my son found himself and was SO excited to start High School the following year. THEN...the bottom fell out again.

9th Grade ARD meeting...all his Teachers, Principals, Counselors and even a member of the board of the ISD was there...oh and so was my son. The meeting started out okay...when the lady from the board said "Mrs. Kennedy, I see here your son has had a lot of issues with his former school...honestly...I believe we are wasting our time here. He will probably quit school before the end of this year." I couldn't believe what I was hearing...I even LITERALLY SHOOK MY HEAD because I thought I heard wrong...when it set in I wasn't mistaken in what I heard...it too EVERYTHING in me NOT to dive over the table and pull her hair out!

Instead I looked at my son...who was almost in tears. I said, "JC..." (interrupted by someone...I told them to shut up and listen very carefully to what I am telling my son) "JC...I am so tired of fighting over schoolwork...and projects...and teachers...and everything else...are you?" "Yes...Momma, I am." "Well you know what...from now on...the pressure is O F F ! You do the best you can do...if the best you can do is an F...then so be it...BUT I know that is not your best!" He put his head down and I said "JC...I want you to look into every single face in this room...one at a time...remember who they are...remember what they've said about you!" He looked very carefully at each and every one of them..."NOW...JC...PROVE THEM ALL WRONG!" And you know what...HE DID!

He made it through High School and Graduated with a 3.75 grade average and in the top 150 of his class! That was his motto all through school...and when the final ROTC ball was held and I was sitting there listening to all the Graduating kids favorite quotes of all time...when it came to my son...he said "Prove 'Em Wrong" by Tiffany Kennedy. And I can tell you...I was NEVER more proud to be his Momma! And to this day (he's 23) when he sees someone facing adversity...he tells them exactly what I told him. His diagnosis has gotten worse...but he never forgets what I told him.


Thanks Tif for sharing your story with us today! I hope you Resolutioners are inspired to keep working toward your goals, no matter what! Link up below and let us know how you're doing!

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