Monday, March 4, 2013

The perfect chiildhood day....

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Ever stop and think about your childhood? For some of you it wasn't that long ago.  I live in the house I grew up memories flood my mind all the time.  There was this one day that I remember so was summer (and not nearly as hot as it gets now...that is my story and I'm sticking to it...has nothing to do with me getting older and not handling the heat like I used ANYWHOOOO...

I can remember the house was opened  I can smell the was so quiet outside; except for the laughter of the other kids playing.  My best friend and I were to have a picnic this day.  My Mother packed us peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, potato chips, apples and homemade chocolate chip cookies and each of us got an ice cold coke (in the bottle...oh..and the opener).  It was packed in a basket with an old tablecloth and napkins.

Melissa and I headed to the front of our subdivision (witch is only a block away).  There is STILL a field there...more trees than there used to be though.  I remember the sound of the over grown grass in the breeze, the smell of the honeysuckle growing nearby...silence...except for nature.  We felt so grown up being able to go on our own little picnic...

We pulled out the tablecloth (which was to be our blanket) took out our PB&J sandwiches and laid down to look at the clouds.  I can even remember the first two shapes we saw...isn't that weird!? LOL!  "Melissa...I see a rabbit!" "Tiffany...I see a looks like mine!" We laid there for a long time...chatting about things little girls do chat about...then we ate the rest of our lunch...grabbed the cookies and headed out to find wildflowers. Indian Paintbrushes, many of them.  We fashioned them into wreaths for our heads...we were after all...Princesses! LOL!  I don't remember how long we were out there...but in my mind it was all day.  It was the perfect day, and one I will long cherish!

So...what was your favorite childhood day with a friend?

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